Cutting pictures with a scalpel

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This is what the young Varna artist Alina Goergieva does.
She has graduated ‘Interiour Design’, but prefers working away of the computer. The traditional eastern paper cutting technique – kiri-e – lets her do this.
Its an art that started in China more than 1400 years ago, and continue its development in Japan, where its applied in the Cimono. In literal translation it means ‘cut picture’. There is no corresponding word in Bulgarian, but the art is gaining popularity. Each picture is different and unique, no templates are used – says Alina. Here is her interview:

I have been drawing and cutting whole my life, but earlier I used scissors, made drawings…

And now you use scalpel ?

Yes. A special one.

How did you get to know this new technique. Indeed its new for Bulgaria, but it’s millenia old

I was watching pictures in internet and found papercut ones. They were not very complex, I wanted to make something new, something original. After that I found some very beautiful ones. I knew I could not buy them, so I tried to make my own ones. After that i decided that i want to continue doing this. I want to continue improving my technique.

What is this technique ?

First I draw the picture, then I cut it. One mistake and you need start a new…

Can you restore it, like using tape?


So the art helps in improving the concentration?

Yes! You need a lot of patience, concentration and love for the art you do.

You have graduated ‘Interior Design’. Are you already working ?

I am graphic designed at the moment. I work mostly with customers abroad. But I want to make pictures and this is what I like. I want to improve and see what i can achieve. Six months ago I passed by the the Largo gallery, I liked it very much and I wished I could have exhibition there. And this happened and I am very happy. The opening is this evening. This is my first exhibition, I share it with a few more authors… I have an invitation for France next year !

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